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The Last Post.

As I get more serious about my writing, my world is slowly evolving. Actually, that’s a blatant lie. From 2017 to 2018 it ramped up tremendously! As those of you following this journey are aware, I purchased an actual website, complete with hosting and have finally decided to migrate completely across.

I’m a bit depressed as I do enjoy this little spot on the web, however I’m paving the way for bigger and better things. Just to show you something, see the following image!

TJ EdwardsSo I wasn’t sure if I wanted a logo or not, some kind of header but as Tolkien is one of my strongest influences, I turned to his monogram, probably one of the most famous. Will I ever get there? Who knows, but sometimes when something speaks to you, you simply steer towards it and embrace it completely. Despite the fact that this logo looks like I’m some sort of a wedding photographer (and as we are in full wedding planning mode, I would know) I firmly stand by the logo and love it! The font reminds my of my handwriting and this is something I can easily sign as well. Not only that, but I think it’ll look awesome on a business card!

Aside from that, my website is a bit sad at the moment as I enter competitions and await the results. I may not win anything, however I feel like I’m getting closer to having my author brand ready for my finished edit of Jefferson and the Magician’s Curse. I am aiming to try for HarperCollins or HarperVoyager, but that means I’ll need an agent first. That being said, the whole reason this is the last post is because the blog has migrated to and will be where I am focusing the remainder of my efforts in order to build that brand and portfolio all in one place.

That being said, please come on over, say hi and keep your eyes peeled as this may be the last post here, but the new blog is going to have posts at the very least weekly (the plan is two to three a week) as I nut out that routine! Anyway, I’d love it if you came on by, test my Contact Me page and let me know what you think!


TJ Edwards

PS- Hope to see you there! Also Sal, I’ll respond to my Leibster Award nomination from you at the new blog! See you all there I hope!

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The Deleted Blog Heart Attack

Die Hard

The picture above should probably read, “Build your author platform they said, it’ll be fun they said.”

Many of you out there in the digital ether know I’ve been sporadically posting on this blog for uhh… er…


…somewhere close to 6 years now (or more). 6 years worth of posts ranging from short stories and rants to diary entries and helpful articles. Well as of now, that blog is GONE.


At first I was devastated as how would anyone know I’d moved? Would I end up in everyone’s spam filter now? But first, a life lesson from yours truly.

Remember when I said I was doing some courses for writing with the Australian Writer’s Centre?

Screen Shot 2017-12-14 at 9.58.28 pm

Well, despite it being Christmas, I decided to load up the course and do at least module one. It was quite interesting, and one of the biggest takeaways for me was that I should check out some other author websites to see what works and what doesn’t!

JK Rowling’s site is mind blowing and absolutely my favourite. Too bad I am poor and cannot actually make something like that. I looked up some other faves (George R. R. Martin, Alison Tait and Brandon Sanderson just to name a few) and found some looked dated or too cluttered while others (Go Al!) were very clear and to the point. There is one top author whose website is absolutely awful and cannot be unseen, but I leave that for you!

Back to the lesson! I decided that many of these people had different handles for EVERYTHING across social media. What a farce! I put my foot down and chose thetjedwards as my universal handle and website. As I went wild changing usernames and handles, I rushed to my blog to do as the bloggers do and blog about it only to be greeted by the least welcoming message that stopped my heart for a few moments.

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 12.47.10 am

Now, you can imagine my confusion. I hadn’t changed anything in WordPress (or so I thought) so when this message slapped me in the face, I stared blankly at it.

What-the-actual-fellowship-of-the-ring?! *Note, I did not say fellowship of the ring*

I got onto their help pages where community members are prompt in helping you out, and in receiving wrath. A lovely lady told me in the shortest terms possible that once you delete your blog, it’s gone. Needless to say that wasn’t what I wanted to hear. I down voted her and wrote a scathing reply only to be told that she doesn’t work for them, she is just telling me what she knows.

After a few minutes of hyperventilating, I calmed down enough to retrace my chaotic, author platform building steps, and in doing so I came across Gravitar. Gravitar is apparently WordPress and vice versa, so in changing my user name, I changed my blog. In changing my blog, that deleted my old blog. No verification required. No password since I was already logged in. Nothing. I must have missed a tick box, or so I was told.

If I could have burst into flames then, I would have.

Luckily my whole blog had moved seamlessly across and I’d lost nothing but any link to my former blog from others with no option to forward it across. Yay. But I was more livid with the fact that I could delete my blog simply by missing a box and don’t get me started on the fact the website is still there and it could be activated if they so desired.

Ah well, learn from me friends! Do not make that same mistake! Find the tick box that leaves your old blog alive so you can forward them ahead!

All that said, hopefully you’ll all follow this blog and this time next year I’ll have an agent. My website is coming along slowly but surely (Oh god, what happened to HTML? How do I even PHP?) but now that everything has the same theme, hopefully I will spread my social wings and fly!

Anyway, how is your holiday season going? Hopefully well, and if not hopefully at least your writing is! Let me know in the comments below if you made it across!

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Happy (Premature) Writing New Year!

First, thanks to everyone who read my previous post which was a lore building short story for Jefferson’s world of Asura. I appreciate all the feedback and have decided to leave it up as posted and edit it among my files instead. Leaving this copy up will showcase how far I’ve come as a writer in comparison to my earlier (and future) works!

Now! In regards to the title, HAPPY WRITING NEW YEAR!

Yes, I realise (truly, I do) that the 1st of January is over half a month away, HOWEVER, I have decided to embark on a crazed journey of epic proportions!

I have enrolled in not one…

No, not even TWO…



Actual footage of my reaction.


For so long I’ve been sceptical of these online courses. Tossing your money out there into the abyss that is the internet seems like a surefire way to go broke and learn nothing. But for two days, the Australian Writing Centre had some pretty sweet deals. So I spoke with my lovely, caring and supportive partner (also beautiful, oh hi hun, didn’t see you there!) who suggested I do two of them. Her mind was along the same track as mine and after a mildly infuriating day of Retail Christmas, I whipped out the old credit card and paid for some courses!


First, I enrolled in the “Pitch Your Novel” course as I have two completed first drafts and  if I want to find an agent to represent me, I need some pointers. Publishers? Well that couldn’t hurt too.

The second one, as you can see from the above photo, is entitled “Inside Publishing”. Wait? What’s that? It says “Make Time to Write”? You’re not wrong. Fun fact, this message popped up (nearly giving me a slight heart attack as it’s the only thing on their page I don’t need help with) after I submitted my payment for the other course. I think it will be most interesting to see behind the mysterious publishing curtain and see what things lie in wait.

Lastly, I decided to go with the “Build Your Author Platform” course. Not only has it been drilled into my mind one hundred times a podcast episode that this is super important, but I’ve also been blogging for quite some time. Just recently I’ve been making an effort to use the ole Instagram (read: pups, food, travel photos with some writing stuff sporadically scattered about), Twitter (read: quotes, questions and harassing my favourite living authors) and occasional Facebook post (read: everything else). I feel like I’m on the right track, but I suppose I’m looking to make it a coherent experience!

I bought these courses for $300 Australian but this is one of the first (relatively) big commitments I want to make not just to myself, my adoring fans (are you out there?) and my friends and family but also to my imaginary friends who want to be able to share their crazy world and adventures with you. I owe it to them!

Anyway, the reason I wanted to scream this from my tiny mountain in the middle of nowhere is so A) I don’t forget I paid for the things, B) I do the things and C) I can look back at my silly self after I’m published and shake my head at not wanting to pay for the things. Also, so others can cheer me on and keep me in line and I can give some advice on the courses down the track to other skeptics (no, I am not sponsored by them… although I will take free things, notebooks especially).

Thanks for swinging by and wish me luck!

What are your plans for the Writing New Year?

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The Last Song of the Bladesingers

I remember it, clear as day. The mountain tore open just after the evening sun was a mere memory, flames and rocks leapt forth high into the sky, crashing through thatched and wooden roof alike. The end of the world had come and I stood, mouth agape as a fiery hand pushed forth into the torrential downpour and grabbed the remnants of rock from where once a mountain watched over the town. It pulled forth a four-horned being, its eyes afire and the entirety of its body hissed as it moved through the rain. Steam and smoke rose into the air, fires burned as if they’d come from hell itself. I was soaked to the bone, yet the fires seemed to resist the cleansing waters from above.

Ellerie! My darling daughter had gone off to play with a friend, she was smart for seven years old but in this chaos, one could be forgiven for losing their way. “Ellerie!” I screamed as villagers abandoned their belongings and ran as fast as they could. Animals had been cut from their posts and freed into the wilderness, even they were heading away from the beast I was heading towards. “Ellerie!” My voice cracked in the smoke as I tasted ash, my lungs heaving as I coughed and sputtered. The neighbour’s home was half crushed by a large piece of rock and I stared at it for I’d never seen a rock so large that was holding flames. Coals sure, but this was bigger than a wagon and seemed to burn endlessly in the rain. “Ellerie!”

“Where is she?”

I spun and my darling wife was still alive, I stared blankly into her eyes. “I, I’ve no idea-“

She turned to the road before me and beckoned. “Come now, we must-“

“You must flee!” I grabbed her arm, pulled her in and kissed her. We spun during the kiss and I pushed her away. “Please, I must know that at least one of us survived this hell…”

She paused a moment, stunned by the suggestion that she should leave her family. “I can’t-“

“You must!” I grabbed her hands, taking solace in the fact the rain was washing my tears away. “I will not have the strength to go on unless I know you are safe.”

Her lips were soft, yet forceful, as she pulled me in again. “Please…” She sobbed. “Come back to me with her… bring her back safely.”

I swallowed the knot in my throat and sent it to match the one in my stomach. Turning away was the hardest part. I loved her, more than words could describe, yet I couldn’t watch her go. The flaming beast of the mountain opened its maw and let loose a roar that felled trees nearest him and knocked people running away to the ground. I helped a poor man to his feet and put him back on his way, as I turned, my wife was long gone. “Ellerie!” My throat was dry and the rain would not quench it. I stared as the black ashen rain streamed down my skin, dripping into ebony puddles on the ground at my feet. Gasping for air, longing for water, I rushed forward avoiding goats, sheep and those who owned them. “Ellerie!” I cried out, a sinking feeling began to take hold.


My eyes were wide and I searched the direction of the cry. There, some ways away stood my poor daughter all alone and abandoned like one of the livestock. I sprinted toward her with everything I had, if I had anything left. All hope was before me. The ground rumbled and shook, my legs came out from beneath me and I tumbled. From the dirt, mud and ash I looked up to see the giant beast spreading its large leathery wings into the night sky as it stepped forth from its mountainous prison. With each step, it cleared distances I could not. In the path before it, lay my daughter, face down in the mud and motionless. She must have fallen when I did! I pulled myself from the dirt and ran in her direction. The road was muddied and treacherous, yet each step felt sure-footed. I wouldn’t lose her, not when I was so close. “Ellerie!” I screamed between gasping for air and panting. “I’m coming!” The beast stood taller than the castle’s parapets which were rumoured to scrape the clouds, yet somehow I could feel its breath upon me as I ran down the road to my daughter’s side.

“Ellerie, I’m here!” I slid to my knees in the mud at her side and rolled her over, she was breathing but unconscious. Ellerie… My attention turned to the trees across the road as they snapped like twigs while the beast stepped through. Each step crashed like thunder, shaking the world at my feet. I closed my eyes and clutched my daughter’s head to my chest. For lack of anything better, I broke down. I sobbed at the world. My beautiful Ellerie, seven years old, would die at the hands of some demon from Tartarus. It was something I’d only seen a likeness of in ancient drawings and heard retold in tales. Myth made reality. The dirt at my feet stopped trembling, the thunderous footsteps silenced and I glanced to the beast.

That was when I saw him.

The being before me wore a peasant’s pants, loose fitting from the waist and ragged below the knee. He wore no shoes, and his shirt was barely a wrap of cloth around his midriff and up and around his broad, athletic shoulders, then tucked back into the waist of his pants. His auburn hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail that was left dangling in the breeze, while hair hung loosely across the left side of his face drifting down from the right. He stood unflinching, a long, broken blade in hand, staring down the maw of the demon from a time long since forgotten. He was the last bladesinger, fearless in the face of certain death, and he was ready to sing the final song of his people.

I gasped at the sight. He was definitely a shorter man than I, yet the giant demon of flame and death stood over him as if frozen in fear. Lava seemingly ran from its mouth and landed with a hiss and a flame at its feet. As the four of us stay locked there for what seemed like an eternity, the demon blinked its flaming eyes and then roared so loud that it was simply replaced by a humming that stung at my ears. The man’s shirt blew away into the night sky, revealing the truth of the matter to me.

Across his shoulders and down the backs of both arms were the runes of each of the bladesingers in his lineage. Twelve at a guess, they were dark upon his skin but it was what lay below that haunted me at a quick glance. On his back was a tattoo of a date, not just any though, but this day’s. Below it, immortalised upon his skin, were the words: The Last Song of the Bladesingers.

How could he have known? How old was the tattoo? I watched, wide-eyed as he cracked his neck from side to side. The demon spread its wings wide into the skies above the surrounding trees and as it roared, flames erupted forth as if someone were blowing the embers of a nearly dying fire. I cringed as the sudden light tore at my eyes, the wind dried them and the heat stung. The small man before me cast a large shadow in its light, yet like a pillar of the world, he remained unmoved. His blade’s broken tip began to circle at his side, a slight whistling carried along the breeze. I’d never known anyone who had seen, nor had seen myself, any of the blade singers. It was thought they and their ways died out when the wars ended several decades ago. But his style, his markings and his lack of fear all pointed to it.

The demon raised a glowing hot claw and began to draw it down. The bladesinger’s sword stopped turning at his side and it lashed upwards, a long glowing arc thrashing the demon backwards as it growled and roared. I never understood how bladesinging worked until that moment. Like a musician, every single movement, every single lashing, every single breath the bladesinger took was in harmony with the one preceding and the one following it.

Reeling, the demon roared in agony as the onslaught of glowing arc after glowing arc rained down upon it. Its wings punctured, flames slowly dying, a horn lashed off and fell just behind the bladesinger as he pushed forward, I nearly felt bad for it as the mastery before it was unlike anything it had seen. It clawed at the nearby trees, but as they fell the golden arcs cleaved through, striking the beast and sending large pieces of tree tumbling to the ground.

One of the demon’s flaming eyes suddenly went out with a lash and it turned from the bladesinger and mule kicked him with one of its cloven hooves. I felt the wind as he soared overhead and landed in a crumpled heap some distance behind me and his sword embedded itself deep into a nearby stone as if the rock itself had grown around it over time. I froze as my eyes locked onto the bladesinger. He was motionless and silent, the mud beneath him growing darker with blood. The ground trembled beneath my feet as the demon slowly turned back to us, his one flaming eye locked upon the bladesinger. The demon rose, cradling its right arm which had been lashed so many times it was leaking lava, and slowly stepped toward its prey. I gathered up my daughter and rushed to the side of the road, nearest the sword. I lay her upon the grass and stared up at the bronze hilt, encrusted with a single sapphire and a red leather grip, I prayed to any and all of the gods to grant me the strength to pull it from the stone.

My knuckles began to turn white as I pulled at the hilt. I could see the bladesinger stirring, but with no blade, he would surely perish. I tugged again, and it barely flinched, but it was something. I shoved it back and forth, hoping that if there were any justice in the world, it would come loose. With a crack, the stone fell into two pieces much to my amazement and the blade fell heavy into my hands. I turned as the demon stepped toward the bladesinger again and he glanced up from the dirt in my direction.

“Your song…” I yelled. “Finish it!”

I tossed the blade, hilt first like a javelin and it sailed through the rain. The bladesinger’s face fell back into the mud and his eyes closed for a moment as another thunderous step rumbled toward him. My breath was gone and I stood, watching the blade sail helplessly toward its companion as if it were falling in slow motion. I could hear the rain as it splashed against the broken steel, I could taste the ash as rain pushed it down my face and into my mouth and I could feel it, as hope slowly drained away at the sight of the motionless bladesinger. I swallowed ash, water and my nerves as it neared him. Please. I thought. Finish the song.

The demon raised its left claw, steam wreathing it amid the downpour, and it stared down upon the tiny man before it. Flames flickered and danced as it brought the claw downward, cleaving through the darkness of night. The hilt sailed just within an arm’s length when the bladesinger, with renewed vigour, pushed forth from the mud with his left arm and caught the sword with his right. He pushed off the ground and onto the demon’s fiery knee, where he leapt off and thrust the shimmering blade so deep into the demon’s chest that its broken tip appeared beneath the demon’s left wing out of its back.

I leapt up and cheered, but the moment was short lived. The demon erupted in a spectacular blaze of glory and the bladesinger, who was shoulder deep into the lava-like chest of the beast, was naught but a memory as it tumbled in a heap to the ground. Stunned, I stared at its corpse, the searing heat still evident from its smouldering ruin. It crackled and hissed as my eyes searched for any sign of the bladesinger, but all that remained was the molten hilt of the sword, no sapphire and no leather to signify its importance. A fresh lot of ashes danced amid the rain as I stood, shocked at what I had witnessed.

“Pa… Papa?”

I turned to Ellerie, joyful that she was alive, but I couldn’t find the words. I dropped to my knees and she rushed to me, leaping into my arms and I held her tight. “I want to go home.” She cried. I glanced over her shoulder as the last brassy tones from the bladesinger’s sword melted away to the demon’s body below. I gasped and clutched her even tighter than before. “Me too.” I sobbed silently for my unnamed saviour. “Me too.”

If you made it this far, please share this story! I am working on getting published and I’m currently writing short stories (such as this) to help build the world that my novels are going to be set in. I currently have written two first drafts (Jefferson & The Magician’s Curse and A View of Two Worlds) which I plan to edit in the new year but also have two other works in progress (Gabriel the Great @ 25% and Pandemonium @ 50% both of a first draft) as well as enough plot and material for a total of eight novels (2 prequels and 2 trilogies). If you’d like to read more of my work, Circle of Vengeance is still out there on Lulu and the iBooks Store for absolutely free! Feel free to leave a comment if you enjoyed it or chase me down on Facebook or Twitter along the side! Thanks for reading!

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NaNoWriMo 2017: The Final Countdown

It’s an odd thing being finished my 50000 words with so much time to spare. Feels like I haven’t written a thing this year, but in truth, I proved to myself among all else that I could write a novel again. Not only that but I’ve been listening to some podcasts and I’ve also been much more available on social media (because of advice from the Australian Writer’s Centre) and I had a ton of fun not only inspiring others by writing like a maniac but also by supporting others in their own writing trials and tribulations!

As the month winds down, I find myself nostalgic about that which I have just written and for all of the people who won on their first year! I didn’t have it in me to win for my first attempt, but subsequent attempts have gone much better! If you find yourself struggling, let me know, maybe I can help inspire you!

Speaking of inspiration, I was in the shower (like many other writers I hope) when an idea came at me out of nowhere. It was like a snapshot from a movie but it stuck with me all night to the point where I believe this story would predate even my prequel to the start of magic. Technically it’s a form of magic so it fits in with my world but it will be known as an old magic!

Hopefully you folks out there are killing it coming into the final stretch! Good luck and let me know how you went in the comments below!

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NaNoWriMo 2017: November 22 2017

Hey everyone, how are we doing?

Wait… Do you hear that?

What is it?



So yeah, I managed to win that NaNoWriMo thing again this year and it feels awesome! The thing that makes it the best for me is that while I manage a retail shop, I still somehow managed to sneak in 50k words in 22 days. That is no small feat!

I decided that I’d do a relaxing blog post for my word count today and actually go to bed before the turn of the day. But first, let me talk about my other NaNo win and how it differed to this year’s!

In 2014 I wrote by “pantsing” if you would, and all I had were a couple major plot points and a direction. This direction was great and the characters really took the story through to where I needed them to be and not only that but the whole process felt very free and natural.

This year, I planned out the story within the last two weeks of October. I had it narrowed all the way down to the scenes and the people in them. I think planning that much is great if you’re planning a large piece of work, otherwise, I felt as though the whole thing was a bit too confining and I ended up with 33 words over 50k. Don’t get me wrong, a win is a win, but I learned a thing or two about my writing and how I prefer it.

Now, ready for some insanity!

The mind of a writer is a funny place, being a writer is even stranger. “Here are my imaginary friends and their adventures… I do hope you like them.” What are we thinking? Well, for me I began thinking about a single story all stemming from one question:

Where did magic come from?

I wrote that outside of NaNoWriMo (although it started there as a NaNoFail) and it stars Jefferson and Gabriel, two magicians who are a part of a secret society who try and combat the rise of the forbidden arts.

At the end of that novel, I had intended for it to be a single story. Self-contained. Then, suddenly I had that spark of creativity and one story suddenly became a trilogy when a slight change in the ending drew out Jefferson and his Antagonist’s end. I became obsessed with a cycle and now the protagonist would have to do all he could to break that cycle. He would fail, which would end book two and mirror his mentor’s failures, but then set up a reunion in book three at which time they would fight the gods.


But then, because of this cycle… Gabriel (antagonist) became so interesting and his backstory was just pouring out that I had no choice but to write a prequel to a plotted out trilogy! That’s just nuts!

Oh no, wait! Don’t stop there!

I’d always had the idea Jefferson’s existence would be my version of The Hobbit, therefore there’d be another series straight after… you know, my Lord of the Rings. So I had the idea of a trilogy set in epic fantasy with three storylines going at once (all headed for a crash course in book three, as you do) that would demonstrate the evolution of magic in my world and even 2000 years later, the struggle for some magic to actually be approved by society. Oh, also the god of death has vanished, demons have broken free from hell and the angels are paralyzed as if there’s no god of death, there are no new angels.


So in this 2000 year later trilogy, Jefferson and Gabriel are spoken of almost like we talk of Troy and King Arthur. Jefferson has downgraded himself from potential god of magic to an Odinesque wanderer. This sets him up as a Gandalf-like character but also he keeps the balance between the two sides of magic and of magic in the world.

But wait, what’s this?

True, not done, never done! Then I decided that with all the things I’d read this year and listened to in regards to writing, I wanted to implement them before I started. So I planned. Planned some more. Then I smashed out my 50k words in 3 weeks (and a day) but this novel ended up setting up the events of my sequel trilogy to Jefferson. So, it’s kind of a sequel-prequel as they also mention the first magicians and a wanderer gives the protagonist a wand to use in battle that tips the scales for good. I found that if I actually saved the antagonist and his partner in crime, they set up the events of the trilogy exceptionally well and tie everything together with a nice bow!

Screen Shot 2017-11-22 at 11.19.07 pm

So that’s how one story became 8 (at least thus far) but every new idea I have, regardless of its type, goes into this world now. Each story or concept enriches the lore and weaves those threads tighter together!

I suppose my win this year wasn’t just the writing, that’s more the reward. The win was actually adding to my world building and hitting the planned 50K as I’d hoped to!

For you folks out there, what are you doing to get up there? Do you plan it or pants it! Anyway, I work in the AM and I’m rewarding myself with an early night tonight!

Good luck with the writing and feel free to ask me anything via email, comment or through my facebook or twitter feeds!

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NaNoWriMo: To 50%, and Beyond!

It’s 12:06 am, I work in 7.5 hours and I have a 30-minute commute. I must get up and feed the pups, let them out to do their business and feed myself too. So in roughly 5.5 hours, I will be rolling from my bed like the zombie I will be and heading to work 8 hours in retail.

It’s going to be a long day (I don’t partake in the nectar of the writing gods, that which is known as coffee).

What will not help make it any shorter is the fact that I am right smack dab in the middle of what can only be considered the rise to the climax and the two guilds in my story are currently fighting the Inquisition who are an elite group of magicians who have specialised in hunting these particular people.

The one thing stopping me is how exactly tired I am.


Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 12.11.49 am
The 292 today, is what I updated after 11:59 pm.


Anyway, I’m very happy to say I am on my way with zest and gusto to the wonderous 75% mark (or 37.5k words) and that’s not too bad considering we are only halfway through the month and I work a mentally exhausting job, especially as Christmas closes in.

Anyway, this was just an update, how are you folks doing out there? Do you need that cheer squad?

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NaNoWriMo: Work, Trivia & Writing

Sorry for the lack of update the past few days! It’s been a bit hectic!

write double

Christmas is in full swing at work and with a few people down (sickies, unavailabilities, emergencies) we all got absolutely slammed. Good news is the day flies by, the bad news is you simply don’t get ahead to where you want to be.

After work I got home, changed and then we went straight out for an evening of music trivia for a fundraiser for a friend. I kept watching the clock (as I was 600 words away from 25k, so I was hoping to hit that mark afterwards) but all in all I had a great time. I’m a bit competitive for those who don’t know me and I put all my years of music retail to damn good use. Our team collectively came out on top and the night proved worth it for the fundraiser and everyone involved!

I got home, rushed to my writing desk only to get in the 30 minutes I had left to 24,824 as writing the scene was just killing me. I kept writing and rewriting. Then deleted the whole thing. Then found it, but sadly in the middle of writing, my 11:59 pm alarm went off which gives me just enough time to get to the NaNoWriMo website and update my word count. I know you can change it after the fact, but I like that deadline, I think it helps! After the alarm, I got past my 25k by finishing my thought and went to bed.

Today my partner let me sleep in (as I’d only managed to get a cushy 2.5 hours of sleep somehow Friday night, but I felt it) and I woke up at 9:30 still feeling like death warmed over. So I did what anyone with no responsibilities at that time of day would do, I rolled over and went back to sleep, thinking I’d wake again around 10:30. 12:30 rolled around and I groggily was now in the overslept category, but we needed to go dining room table shopping as we still hadn’t made a decision. Luckily, my new favourite furniture store had a great one, and the decision was made (after looking everywhere else first) and then we came home just in time for dinner.

While my lovely fiance cooked dinner, I managed to smash out 1673 words and was quite happy with myself. The evening ahead of me, I could still easily do a bit more. Tonight I managed to get myself a daily word count of 3054, bringing the total to a whopping 27,878 month to date! With a full-time job, errands to run and trivia to attend… I’m pretty damn happy with where I’m at for the month! Not only that, but the quality of my writing is fairly good (compared to my older writing) so that also warms my heart.

Anyway, that’s my NaNo weekend in a nano nutshell! How’s your week going? Do you need someone to cheer you on? Hold you accountable? Let me know and I’ll badger you like it’s my job! Talk soon and good luck out there folks!

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NaNoWriMo: So Close, Yet So Far

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 12.05.48 am

Hey everyone!

So I thought that tonight would be a bomb! I’d written roughly 200 words after dinner and felt absolutely mentally exhausted. As my fiancee went and enjoyed a nice bath, I enjoyed laying with the pups and slipping in and out of sleep.

But sometimes, that’s all it takes.

After a trip upstairs to the writing room (where apparently the magic happens), I managed to smash out another 2600 words to hit 2800 for the day and stop JUUUUUUUST shy of 25000 words.

So what happened?

Well, I’ve had this moment in mind where this charismatic demon is trying to trick our protagonist into bringing him through into the human realm, thus opening the door for him to travel back and forth forever. It will cost him nearly his immortality to push her mana back up to the point that the seal on her magic is overpowered and she can take them both through. He’s played his cards right (you’ll like him, maybe even cheer him on and hope for some human/demon love) but his goal is one and only: gain the ability to access both worlds and then seek out his peers to hopefully return from his exile. But there’s one problem.

I need a super sweet line about what it’s going to cost the protagonist (aka, her invalid mother). I want it to be subtle, not too on the nose but he needs to say it in such a way that she agrees to it and then when she leaves, he does what he needs to do. Hmm. I’ve looked up some quotes from other people about sacrifice and there are some gems out there!

Sometimes when you sacrifice something precious, you’re not really losing it. You’re just passing it on to someone else.

Mitch Albom,The Five People You Meet in Heaven

I guess that’s just part of loving people: You have to give things up. Sometimes you even have to give them up.     

Lauren Oliver,Delirium

I’m not sure exactly what to do. Obviously, I can’t copy the ones above, but I can definitely use them for inspiration! You see, the protagonist is her mother’s carer and she is constantly at odds with it. She feels trapped by her mother’s condition, however, she will not allow her mother’s condition to worsen or for her to simply pass away. The demon getting involved sees his opportunity to get what he wants, but also, due to the gift she is giving him, he wants to free her of the burden she places upon herself. In transferring his mana to her, he will need to rejuvenate his energy to go back or take her mother’s energy to get back immediately.


Anyway, I’m going to leave it 600 words away from 50% for now (read: devastated) and think about it. Hopefully the Writing Podcast I’m listening to (So you want to be a writer, with Val and Al) will spark an idea or even just being away may give me the clue I need.

I am loving this NaNoWriMo session and not only that, but it is fantastic to know that I can crank out 2000 words a day (or more) when I want to! Hope everyone out there is killing it!


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Another Day, A NaNoWriMo 2k!

Wow! Late start, but a great finish!

It’s 12:01 am and I just finished writing 2234 today after work! I even managed to have a nice evening out with my lovely fiancee where we devoured some delicious Italian food at our local haunt and played with the pups!

In fact, before our meal tonight I felt stuck. I’d written my protagonist into a corner (or a jail cell) and had no idea how to progress the story another 6000 words to the moment she is actually tossed into the demon realm and left for dead. It wasn’t until we were discussing it over dinner that my fiancee came up with a plot device I’d left open in my last writing session.

So during my last word sprint, I’d unleashed a beast upon the world that now had the ability to leap between the two realms (demon and human). The only way a demon can do this, is if a human brings it through, and then once it’s broken through once, it can do it as many times as it wants. This is important for a future plot point (next up) but the panther-like beast was still out there and my protagonist was up for execution.

“Why not have the beast serve as an unintended distraction?” She said as though it were as plain as the nose on my face.

If I’d hit a wall, that small suggestion was essentially the wrecking ball that got me through. In fact, the whole reason these beasts exist is to get more powerful, and they feed off the lifeforce of humans (as demons have a different kind). They never starve to death (at least in recorded histories) but they grow weak. As they consume more, then they become faster, stronger and can create multiple images of themselves. So, the crowd being full of its favourite food? Nothing like emerging from the demon realm and directly into a feeding frenzy… also, quite the entertaining distraction from an execution for all involved (me included).

The scene felt great to write, kept the tension going and instead of a classic jailbreak it became more of a take advantage of this insanity that is going on right now. Also, the scene served as a good stage for how powerful the antagonist is, as he didn’t exactly fear this whirling dervish of claws, tentacles and razor-sharp teeth. My other scene finally came out and had the antagonist confessing to the protagonist’s father’s not-so-accidental death, shortly before tossing her into the chasm before him.

Anyway, I need to sleep, if I’m going to write after work tomorrow. I have to be in bed early as I’m probably going to have to write early on Saturday (as social events have crept their way into NaNoWriMo) and then I cannot wait for Sunday as by then I should be past the 50% mark and well and truly into the insane conflicts that await (the guilds being crushed by the king, them joining the cause and crushing the Inquisition, only to be rebuffed by the King’s army, culminating in a partial defeat yet massive win on the inquisition front.

Spoiler alert though, the trilogy this story is an indirect prequel to, has an Inquisition.


See ya next time and good luck out there!